Work Through It!

As 2018 rolls in, did we get to complete all those things on our 2017 “To-do” list?  To be honest with you, I sure didn’t.  Well I’ve learned to pat myself on the back for what I did accomplish and keep moving.  Never give up on important tasks you’ve given yourself, just keep working through it.

There is no perfect human on the earth, He left and returned to heaven. We humans must decide to  not get discouraged by what we did not do.  But instead, have a determined spirit and move forward on those matters that are most important to us.  Let’s not chastise ourselves, or look down.  Take heart,  shake off that cynical inner voice – and get to moving.

Tomorrow is not promised to any one of us – that’s why what we do today is so important.  Every thing in this life worth having/achieving is going to take persistent, consistent work.  Go ahead and take that step today.  Be encouraged – you will thank yourself later.  Happy 2018!

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